We pride ourselves on being capable of hauling specialized product in a safe and efficient manner. Our fleet is consistently hauling flatbeds, bulk, aggregate materials, and heavy equipment. A lot of time, effort, and planning goes into the loads we haul. Many require special equipment, permits, and/or vehicle escorts.

Available Equipment

(40) Tractors                                                        (78) 2-8 Axle Flatbeds

(2) Quad Axle Dumps                                         Lowboy

B-Train                                                                2 Axle Drop Deck with Ramps

2 Axle 80′ Stretch                                               4 Axle Drop Deck with Ramps

2 Axle 90′ Stretch                                               (2) 3 Axle Double Drop Decks up to 53′

(10) 3 Axle 90′ Stretch