Sand Pits

No Residential Deliveries


  • Class II Sand
  • Select Sand
  • Screened Sand
  • Screened Topsoil
  • Processed Millings (when available)
  • 21AA Crushed Concrete (when available)

2022 Pricing and Delivery Rates

MSHA Certified Pit: Drivers MUST stay in vehicle & follow ALL posted pit rules.

The Lowell Sand Pit: 3175 Segwun Avenue SE, Lowell, MI 49331

PLEASE NOTE the Lowell Pit has a new entrance at 3020 Alden Nash Avenue SE, Lowell, MI 49331 (located just north of Emery Road & South of the Lowell Township Hall.) *All drivers MUST use this driveway when entering and exiting the Lowell Pit.

Pit Hours: 7am-5pm Monday-Friday

The Clarksville Sand Pit: 7550 Nash Hwy, Clarksville, MI 48815- southwest corner of I-96 @ Exit #59

Pit Hours: BY APPT. ONLY

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